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Children have the most intelligent and joyous way of having fun. Their abilities to make ado with their vast imagination make their childhood meaningfully worthwhile. Assuredly, even the adults are shocked with their wits of coming up with ideas. Aside from their creative imagination, children's way of building a friendship is also beyond exceptional.

Children are probably one of the purest beings on earth. Their hearts know no evil, and their eyes are set only for the beauty of one's soul. It results in unconditional friendships and bonds with people around them. These kids' company transcends cultures, discriminative concepts, colors, age, religions, and beliefs. In the eyes of a child, everyone is equal and could be a good friend. They have the most gentle heart for people because they often see the best in everyone rather than the evident imperfections and differences. They offer the purest love and the most sincere friendships. It may get you wondering, why are kids able to build strong friendships which adults find difficult to achieve? The children hold the most valuable knowledge most people lose while growing up—the pursuit of happiness without any standard.

Consequently, most of them forget to be happy over simple things and failed to appreciate things that do not reach their standards. It is like receiving daisies from someone, but you prefer roses to daisies, so you might end up getting disappointments in hoping to receive something else. However, in the eyes of a young and innocent child, whether it is daisies or roses, they will tell you that they are happy because they received flowers from someone. It has always been "it is, what it is," for children. A gift is a gift, regardless of its cost. And a friend is a friend regardless of where he came from or what he/she is.

Peter Locke's book 8, Mikkee, the Martian, is a book that mirrors the pure character of children. It follows a story of the kids' Billy and Jilly, who befriended a martian, Mikee, whom they asked to explain the Bermuda Triangle's wonders. The martian told them the story which began millions of years ago. Mikkee explained that signals between the Aliens and their home planet cause interruptions in the sea and air in the surrounding area, and ships and planes caught in the disturbance are trapped in a time bubble. From there, their adventures began. The trio went on a quest to retrieve Mikkee's ship, held captive by the pirates. Together, as they accepted each other's differences in origin, the three friends overcame their adventure and helped people trapped in the time bubble. This story contains great lectures that kids can carry throughout their lives to guide them. You can see more exciting details about this book on the author's website, which is

They say that children hold the most valuable knowledge in the world. As adults guide them towards their life, many adults also allow children to teach them things. In this world where prejudice, discrimination, and stigmas are spreading like wildfire, learn from children. Understand their concept that everyone is equal and differences are not a hindrance to building friendships. If people could attain this kind of mentality children have, the world will be a better place. Creating a world where everyone stands with each other and not against one another, and a place where there is no enemy, only love eternal hope and great company.

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