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Letters From Akau, Kazakhstan

"Ah well, put it down to another experience. Only we could manage to eat in a disused restaurant... and get served!"

This book entitled "Dear Chums! I am in Kazakhstan" is a compilation of personal recollections and experiences gladly shared with us by Tracy Smith. In this masterpiece, she shares a part of her life that is partly spent in the town of Aktau, Kazakhstan.

As she fondly recalled, the journey of having this book together started from a simple email that she sent to her mom. It was an email containing her narratives on her shopping experience, and right through that email – her mom and she knows that it would be wonderful to share those kinds of stories and letters with a wider audience.

Also, she imparts her story on how she managed to work remotely when it was almost unimaginable to do so a decade ago. All these letters and narratives of experiences boosted by her imagination happened on that one hot summer in Kazakhstan.

As someone from the West, Ms. Smith shares her adventures and stories worth our time. Although this is written mostly from her experiences ranging from food trips to shopping home needs, this one is not a travel guide – it is even more than that.

Remember those times when letters and stories from a friend or a family member amuse and excites us? These are exactly the feels that this book wanted to share with you. With all the letters and contents inspired by real-life situations, this book is a must-read. "Dear Chums! I am in Kazakhstan" also taps on her experience as an expatriate wife.

If you are looking for something light and refreshing and, at the same time, heartwarming work, pick this book and prepare to be hooked. Let us share with Ms. Smith's one fine hot summer weather of Akau, Kazakhstan, and the distinct experiences as a girl coming from the "West." This book is accessible through Amazon.

Besides being a lighthearted and heartwarming author, Ms. Smith is also an advocate and a supporter of charities. If you want to get a day-to-day update or an inspiring random quote from our dear author, you may also follow her social media account through Facebook @ Tracy Sheard and/or her Twitter @tracy00378913.

In the coming months, we expect another work from Ms.Smith, which gets even more exciting knowing that this will be an illustrated one. Away from the typical narration of human experience, this upcoming book will come from a Dog's perspective and its pieces of advice towards a human companion. Together, let us look forward to an additional coffee table book to spend our time with.

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