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Life and its Lessons, its Joys and Pains, Reflected in Poetry and Verse

Readers will be transfixed by the lyricism of seasoned wordsmith Terry Powell, who takes his readers on a journey of rhyme and verse with the pages of his collection, "Anthology of My Own Poems." This menagerie of compositions are pieces from a poet who has been at his craft for nearly 20 years, and now he shares his work to audiences to inspire them, to give them a break from the drudgery of life, and to nourish their souls.

Powell takes readers to various moments of his life, revisiting and reminiscing so that audiences will know his story and also reflect upon their own journeys. They will see his childhood hijinks, like daring to venture into forbidden scary houses and excessively indulging in tasty treats, to more poignant moments such as the heartaches, the growing pains of youth, and his first experience with love. He shares outdoor adventures such as mountain climbing, the wonders of nature, and the great outdoors, delves into the history, and recognizes the feats of veterans who contributed to modern history. Powell's verses encompass his experiences and meditations, the reality he lived as well as the dreams he conjured, through the lens of nostalgia and creative playfulness.

Writing poetry has been therapeutic for Powell, and similarly, reading it can be a balm for the soul. In his words: "Writing poetry was a way of mending broken feelings and hearts, it has been a good therapy and a way of improving my background and my life. I am proud of what I have achieved so far. The goal is to share with the world and get the world to enjoy my work."

Powell also serves as a mentor for aspiring poets, lecturing on the topic, helping other writers with their work, and running an online community for those polishing their skills. So with his rhymes and verses, he is celebrating the poetic medium, the English language, and saluting his fellow travelers.

About the Author

Terry Powell is a poet, author, and grandfather who loves to travel across the globe. He has been writing poetry for the last twenty years. When he isn't writing poetry, Powell loves spending time with his two grandchildren. He has published ten books, these include: "A Book of Dark Poems," "Poems for Children," "The Come and Read Me Book of Poems," "Another Come and Read Me Book of Poems," and he has an upcoming work titled "Hogarths Epic Poem."

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