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Life and Its Valuable Lessons: Morality Shorts by Miatta Lynn Lansana

As the saying goes,” When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” which refers to the lessons we learned from the hardships that we go through in life. It tells us to make something out of circumstances we go through in life, manipulate our resources and use it for our benefit. This is also what Miatta Lynn tells us in her astounding book Morality Shorts: Short, Short Stories with a Poetic Twist.

The 48-page book, released in 2018, is a compilation of short stories that embodies life lessons and values that everyone can relate to. Christians and non-Christians will enjoy and reflect on its melodic, anecdotal tales that aim to make the readers ponder, discuss, and find their purpose in life and how it should be lived. It distinguishes the line between right and wrong, and each page of the book incredibly illustrates how things could go downhill as one stray away from the right path.

According to the author, Miatta Lynn Lansana, a born evangelist, words are meant to heal and replenish the whole earth. It means that words, however they are formed, should motivate, inspire and perpetuate kindness and healing to anyone and everyone. This is why from her poetry to her literary works; she has amazingly managed to revive the fire inside of everyone across the world. Her strong spirit is felt by many一 worldwide.

Lansana’s first book debuted during the International Library of Poetry contest when she entered the “Definition of a Woman” writing contest and won a spot for her anthology called “Of Memory Bliss” (1999), and led to two new opportunities in songwriting. Launching her songs entitled “Straight from My Heart” and “God is All You Need” under Hilltop Records 200 and Amerecord Records 2001. She was also involved in the publication of two books一 “The Heart of a Woman Through Poetry 1&2” (1st Books, 2002) and “Morality Shorts: Short Short Stories with a Poetic Twist” (Authorhouse, 2012). In 2016, publishing company Stratton Press presented an opportunity to republish “Morality Shorts” and premiered the republished edition in July of 2018.

As the world goes into another world ravaged by a never-ending plague, our life continues to get more interesting as the day goes by. Morality Shorts is a great book for those trying to find their way in life and is distracted by a million things. Stories are always a good foundation for our culture and ourselves because the morals behind these stories help us become better people for everyone else around us. This, in turn, can help us be more kind, empathic, and selfless towards others, and this is exactly what Miatta Lynn’s book is trying to tell the readers.

Through its simplistic format, Lansana is able to show her readers how these stories can reflect our lives, the reality in which we live in and at the same time how we can turn our lives around so that it may have a purpose, a life that is lived through the goodness of God and others.

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