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Life in the Eyes of the Innocent: Going back to 1970s to Live the Modern Life of Chaos

Thoughts and ideas spontaneously come about because of emotional developments that individuals realize as life happens are both raw and authentic.

When everything is about materialism and success and happiness are measured with properties and ownerships in this time and age, realizing such truths may not come as easily.

In the book of Bruce Plant, he entitled Songs of Sunshine and Rain: An Anthology of Wisdom for all Ages, he has collected several poems from students and young poets in the 1970s. These poems defined in raw words formed into poems the lives and thoughts of those living during those ages.

With the poems coming from different ages and backgrounds, this book by Bruce Plant is certainly a treat for those who love words and take inspiration from the thoughts and ideas that others share.

Reading through others' thoughts can be inspirational and refreshing- seeing the world through the eyes of others opens readers to new perspectives. With the situations looming around the world today, looking back to how the world was can be refreshing and nostalgic.

The 1970s is a perfect picture of the world coming to its enlightenment point- with dreams of individuals being awakened by the phrases and words. The year when self-expression has undoubtedly created a huge impact on how the world has been defined. Literary resources have been unearthed to redefine what the society's picture was in the eyes of those who have written their thoughts down in paper and pen.

With this book of poems, traveling around the world and seeing the globe in the eyes of the poets becomes possible even in the middle of being subjected to stay-at-home rules looming around the world today.

Being sanctioned to stay at home may somewhat be stressful and tedious for some. Being glued to gadgets is often considered an option of killing time, but reading books is more productive. The book on Songs of Sunshine and Rain by Bruce Plant is surely a great pick that will entertain you and give you that chance to see through the eyes of poets who are full of truth and dreams as they convey their thoughts about their present and their future.

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