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Life is short; cherish it and travel the world.

They say that people must travel while they are young and full of energy to do so, but Mike Fox defies that standard in this book, "Travelling by Road, Rail, Sea, Air (and Wheelchair) in North America." No longer in their younger years, not even in the best of their health status, but in the quest to travel around North America by this adventurous couple, Mike and Sylvia.

Mike Fox is a semi-retired British Civil servant and has two children with his wife, Sylvia. During his semi-retired life, they went on a month–long travel despite Sylvia's Parkinson's Disease. This book shows us a journey and life guide in one. Indulging in this book is to gain a better and happier perspective in life and understanding that sometimes all we need is a leap of faith to defy obstructions in our way. No matter who, where, and what you are doing in life right now, let this masterpiece lit some lights in your path for the greater things.

More than the technical aspect of travel like the road, rail, ship, or plane ride – the journey they shared in this book includes their personal experiences among different cultures. A compilation of their first-hand experiences and reflections with the people they met and the communities they visited. A trip that was supposed to be a time to reconnect among old friends and gather memories together has become a journey of finding new people and creating new acquaintances.

Since it is a four-week trip, Mike and his wife were lucky enough to have roamed and explored the major cities and rural communities. As they travel across their destination, this book becomes a compilation of their road trip into the countryside, cruising to Alaska, traveling through the Rocky Mountaineer express trains, and their visits to Niagara Falls and the Quebec World Heritage Site.

Turning the pages while looking at their photographs is like traveling with a couple. Let us discover the fun, excitement, challenges, and gratifying experiences our author aims to share. Let us put ourselves into their shoes as they unleash the wonders and life-changing interactions that they have come across their journey.

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