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Life or Fiction: Intertwining Life and Imagination or a Biographical Narration?

Does life imitate art, or is it the other way around? For centuries, people have seen artists take inspiration from their beliefs, surroundings, and points of view. And from these, they've produced art that has made its mark not only in their generation but also through the succeeding centuries. So it's not something unheard of, right?

But what's very new and fresh is what Howard Done has to say. Although he makes a living as an entertainer, he's created the book We Do do E.S.P. – The Life of a Woman in Turmoil to enlighten readers of his and a woman's situation and predicament. It tells how easy it is for mobs to metaphorically grab their pitchforks when confronted with something they don't understand.

And this something that people don't understand? E.S.P. Apart from the personal quandaries that have befallen them, the book also gives us a look at how some of it works. Done also lets us picture the experience of having to live their truth in hiding, something that we can relate to on some level. It gives us an insight into a woman under the pseudonym Louise who, from fairly everyday life, was taken advantage of and is now trapped in her two-bedroom flat somewhere in Brent, London, with four male assailants.

How about Howard Done? He's had enough. That's why he chose to write about this injustice. Despite living a public life for years, he cannot resolve their situation and seeks help from within his circle. Now, he's turning somewhere else for help: readers like you.

He even goes on to ask, "I wonder if police in the U.S. perform as poorly in the U.K.?" Done leaves us a few clues about their condition without exposing their identities. Louise is forced to lie, and it seems to be motivated by jealousy at its most toxic levels.

But as page-turning the book may be, is it truly real life? Perhaps he's just a literary virtuoso who wants us to chase our tails thinking about Louise and her story. But whether it's real or not, it's definitely a good read that will make you question reality, challenge your beliefs, and experience their crisis.

The clock is ticking for Louise, he believes. Will it be too late when you decide?

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