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Like Box of Chocolates, Never You'll Know What You Can Get: Glimpse on Terry J. Powell Books

Life encounters, travel, and relationships have inspired author Terry J. Powell to write poetry and publish books. No wonder the art of writing stumbled upon his life because he is meant to share poetry in the world. His words have the power to inspire and place a string of connections on people. Delving into his collection of poetry brings versatility in expressing narratives through its different themes about life experiences. Terry Powell's books show a balance series from innocence, horror, epics, fascinations to sensuality.

Get to know more about Terry J. Powell works of poetry below:

Take the first step in going across your fears from the poems within, A Book of Dark Poems. It presents all the horrors in life and the afterlife. The initial impression will tell you already on its titles such as Bad News, Ghosts Tale, The Execution, Death of the Poet, and more. It reveals the aspects in life where humans experience pain and tragedy. They were portrayed in Powell's play of words and rhymes, something that plain words cannot describe. Indeed, life is not always fancy and gold.

Terry Powell takes readers in the funny and light side of life to smile on the readers' faces through, Poems For Children. If you are not into horrible themes, this book might be the type of reading you want to give in. Imagination, Robin Redbreast and School Holidays are some titles of the poems in the book. You can already imagine snippets of your childhood when you're all about to worry about school and play, nothing else. He recommends this reads for teenagers and older children.

The book's title gave a hint already about the poems' theme of what the author has to offer this time. "Come and Read Me" expressed a subtle lure in a phrase. Readers fond of reading between the lines may get it. Through words, Terry Powell clearly showed his life fascinations as to an attraction, all kinds of love and magnificence of a place. The book includes titles such as Making Love, The Countryside, Breathless Wonders, and Chocolate.

Terry Powell's versatility was proven more in his upcoming epic poetry. Aside from life experiences, this book will take the readers inside their imagination. Expect characters of giant creatures and warlocks that contribute to the theme of adventure and fantasy-like epic stories you've read before. It also showcases creative visuals that make the characters appealing and fuel engaging characterization.

Every detail in how the book appears has a personal touch from the author himself. Terry Powell elucidates his books' concepts through his creative illustrations. It further elevates the authenticity of the masterpiece produced by its creator.

Terry J. Powell's Books offers a variety and surprises. Like in a box of chocolates, you will never know what you will get; it can be dark, milk, almond, or raisins. Powell's collection of poetry books will give every emotion in people and even go beyond reality to explore our imagination.

Get to know Terry J. Powell as an author by visiting his social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Buy his works online – available on Amazon.

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