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Little Bow: Children's Friend in Exploration

Children are naturally attracted to something colorful and whatever that would catch their attention. They may be playful at times, but they learn and get to explore the world by themselves. Aside from toys, some kids are fond of books and writing materials. That's why as early as two years old, there are some published books suitable for their age and their capability to learn and to absorb knowledge.

Little Bow is a children's book written by William Christ. It has a combination of pictures and some science facts on it. Initially, it was for those who are in pre-K, Kindergarten, and first graders. Its content gives children an urge of enchantment that even the older ones will enjoy when they see and read the book. It is a story of a baby rainbow born without colors. Her journey of finding her colors will begin with the earth elements' help combined with the weather elements. This book will help them identify colors while they learn more about the environmental elements.

Christ was a Vietnam Naval veteran who pursued a career in the visual arts. There, he made a name and notable arts that are known all around the world! Why would he still spend time writing books for someone with a stable and established career in the fields of arts and design? Professionally, he is a high school teacher and freelance writer. He used his profession and passion for writing to share and give entertainment to the young ones.

On the other hand, he finds time to write whenever he is not in school to be still creative, for that's what makes him enjoy things – when there is a bit of creativity needed! Also, he has a big heart for the children! Hence, he makes sure that he makes it fun and enjoyable while he gets to spread knowledge.

Children enjoy even the little things. It has always been easier to get their attention. A piece of candy or chocolate would make them happy. But let's not be contented on feeding their tummies but let's make their brains full, too! Encourage them to be open to the idea of reading books than spending more time with their gadgets. With that, they will grow up full of knowledge from every bit of information that they read. Also, by reading books, they get to

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