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Living Through and Through with Laurence Tysoe

The pandemic has forced us to reflect upon our lives. How do you intend to be the best worker? By being available 24/7 for Zoom calls just like how most work-from-home employees found themselves in? How much time was spent before the pandemic and now bonding with your kids? How do you view your home then and now? Is it still the same space you eat and sleep after a 9 hours job or a living space demanding your attention? How does life snap your truth out, and how do you respond? In nearly 60 years of his life, Laurence Tysoe has seen different times, human lifestyles, and technological progress. Still, throughout life, he has found refuge in the books as an author.

Just as J.D. Salinger didn't write about the war when he got home, Laurence W. Tysoe did not write about how he has good, bad, and ugly lives. Instead, you can see both in the innocent ramblings and grapplings of children's books. He is the author of two light-hearted children's books entitled: Farmer John's Farm and Henge. He also authored "Contemporary Poetry," inspired by his thoughts and reflections about the former US President Barack Obama.

Rather than live through with strife and sadness at the loss of his most loved and cherished wife, Betty, the author expedited his energy for causes he knows will affect generations and generations hence. The author is articulate on issues of conservation and mental health awareness. He is also interested in photography and is even a Code View Bug member, an online community of artistic photographers. Amidst these, he continues to write with a passion, so we all must apprehend his future works!

You might think you have it worse than this author. The truth is we are all going to have it rough in this life. The best legacy we can leave to anyone is how we lived and are living through and through.

As one Hamilton line goes: "Dying is easy, living is harder." How do you choose to live today?

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