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Living with our Space Neighbors: The Unsolved Mysteries of Aliens

We seem to be living at a time where UFOs, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, and Alien Encounters are on the rise. The possibility of extraterrestrial life seems to be on the minds of millions of people. Are there extraterrestrial civilizations across the vast Milky Way galaxy? Are we alone?

Many reports, research, and theories against hard evidence accounts of countless photographs, instrument readings, alien encounters, UFO sighting, crop circles, and cattle mutilations, so there is no doubt of their existence. So, what is the mystery behind these extraterrestrial beings? Where did they come from, and what do they want?

In the book series written by Peter Locke entitled Mikkee the Martian,’ one of its purposes is to share his funny, moving, and full of surprises book to the rest of the world. Peter Locke’s first series of books is aimed at a younger audience, both boys and girls, who enjoy science fiction. The series is about Mikkee, the Martian, who comes to Earth for research and relaxation. Shortly after he arrives, he meets twins, Billy and Jilly Watson, whom he befriends and then embarks upon several exciting adventures.

In this specific part of the series (Book 8: Pirates and the Aliens), it discusses some mysteries happening in the Bermuda Triangle when Billy and Jilly Watson asked Mikkee the Martian to explain about it.

The author is fond of mysteries and has a purpose of entertaining the younger audience, which gave him ideas such as mysteries. Regardless of whether aliens genuinely exist or not, it still boils down to one thought – that we must all be thankful for the universe, the Earth, and the place we live in. We may or may not be alone here. We must protect this and take responsibility!

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