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Longing for Someone Never Returned Home

The remnants of the world war in this generation are hardly seen and almost vanished. As we fancy the waves of technology and entertainment in our times, I hope we should not forget the past heroes who combat to fight for freedom and peace for the world. There are many testimonials of veteran soldiers on social media and websites today, sharing inspiring and moving stories of the harsh reality of being a soldier during World War I and II. We should honor their valor and loyalty in serving the world in achieving peace and justice. The life of a soldier has no guarantee at all. Some may have survived, died, or even unknown after the war – someone who just never returned home.

Eleanor Collins published a fictional narrative entitled "The Last Chapter". It was inspired by the events of the first world war. She also mentioned that it took time for her to publish her first book. She waited for the moment when the right story idea will come up to her. Until one day, the idea of writing "The Last Chapter" came into her mind when the Australian first world war mass grave was revealed and discovered to be found in France in 2007. She was then more inspired to write because she was in Europe by that time as the story blossomed.

Meanwhile, the story narrates the century-old mystery of Thomas Stanwell's disappearance begins to unfold when World War 1 mass grave is found in Fromelles. Thomas great-grandson is determined to find out what happened and travels from Australia to Europe to find answers. The saga's rich tapestry is woven with descendants from Australia, England, Scotland, and Germany. It covers the 20th century. The mystery begins to unravel with an unexpected meeting in Glasgow.

The Last Chapter by Eleanor Collins would appeal to readers of all ages. The story had a mix of sensibilities about the effects of war on soldiers and romance. It is an easy read book that you can spend your time on leisure days. The novel is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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