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Love Beyond Reason: Finding Your God-Given Purpose in life

"A better day is here

A better way we've found

A life lived with

out fear

An echo of a beautiful sound

Our heavenly Lord

His light we can see

He's always giving more

His breath of life I breathe.

If it can be done, I can do it."

- An excerpt from a poem in the book Phil's First Time by Philip Beggs

Have you ever lost hope because of the many tribulations that you're facing? Or have you ever felt like giving up is the only option that you have?

Hindrances and obstacles are an inevitable part of our life. We are unsure of what will happen tomorrow or what problems await us. All we know is that we have to keep going in the hope that it will all be worth it in the end.

So if you're struggling to find the purpose in your life or the enlightenment that will take your life on the right path, let us dive deeper into the book Phil's First Time written by Philip Beggs. Phil's First Time is a book of poems full of wisdom about the never-ending love of God for us. It contains encouragement and upliftment to everyone that better days are always coming.

Philip Beggs is a single, 53 years old man. Even though he has no family to call his own, his love for life and God has given him enough happiness and fulfillment. Philip continuously strives to gain new perspectives in life as he knows that it will serve as an inspiration in publishing his book. Through inspiration from his friend, Philip realized that his poems could help thousands of people. That is why he decided to publish his book entitled 'Phil's First Time' for his readers to understand and realize the beauty of life. It encourages everyone to enjoy a happy, healthy, successful, and prosperous life.

"Life is a celebration,

We're all taking part,

You have a great imagination,

You have a beautiful heart." - Philip Beggs

The author wanted us to open our hearts and mind to see the beauty in everything around us - it enhances our imagination to see things with the proper perspective. Through his book, he encourages us to appreciate and understand our self-worth because he knows that we are more than capable than we think. There is nothing impossible for those who set their hearts and minds in achieving their goals in life. Phil's First Time also teaches us that God is always with us even with the challenges that we might encounter.

If you are full of doubts and questions, then you are in the right place because Phil's First Time by Philip Beggs will be your guide and enlightenment to reach your fullest potential.

Let us join Philip Beggs in his well-written poetry and life-changing book as it teaches us many life lessons that will help us maintain a positive state of mind. For his inspiring purpose, he created a book that will transform one's life as it leads us in the right direction of life.

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