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Love Deception and How to Conquer It

Betrayal amidst a passionate love could be the harshest occurrence in life. Imagine giving your all only to realize where it all ended up—nothingness. Love deception rears continuously through various forms. You see, people are being catfished, become a victim of dummy accounts, and scam. And worst, no matter how much you believe that this person is already familiar to you, a considerable possibility remains that vast remnants of him/her are unknown. To conquer this dilemma, there are numerous effective ways to solve it.

To begin with, do not trust people easily. In a world filled with tricksters, then only you can protect yourself is to be clean and careful with whatever words you spit from your mouth. In other words, do not say the essential things. And the best tip of all, find a book that tackles the same issue. We all know how a book contributed to our growth and wisdom—therefore, always go and find one. Since we are talking about books, Harry Stefano’s The Gorgeous Mr. Zane—Stepping Out is a remarkable tale in showcasing points about love deception and how to survive from it. As soon as the woman finds out who Mr. Zane really is, she looks for a way out from him. Mysterious and terrifying, Mr. Zane will go to a greater extent to keep her next to him. So what will happen next?

In reality, we always find it hard to extricate ourselves from deceptions simply because we stay still despite knowing the truth. We are fearful, ashamed, and unprepared for what may happen, so furthermore, we stay amidst the lies. The Gorgeous Mr. Zane—Stepping Out is a reminder to everyone that you can be free from these challenging circumstances and that love is not genuine when it means choking your partner from deceits.

All in all, always seek out first the truth before you trust. Like the woman in The Gorgeous Mr. Zane—Stepping Out, you are capable of deciding for your freedom and truth. Always remind yourself that lies have no room for you.

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