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Love, Money, or Both?

"The Gorgeous Mr. Zane" by Harry Stefano made a grand entrance for her writing debut. This book left the readers quite an amount of interest and intrigue. As a book that surrounds the real-life situations of working women, this made its statement.

Historically, women were viewed as second-class citizens, and so do the work that they are involved with. However, as the world goes on and society progresses, women's role and their lifestyles gradually change. A detailed narrative from the main character's perspective – the time and money earned and spent were explicitly described.

Further, into the book, the central theme of love and finance will unravel itself. The more you read and the more you get into the main character's persona, you'll be carried away on the reality that these two come together. Although Love and Finance seemingly have its love and hate relationship, this book will uphold its interlocked interests. Consequently, the love and hate relationship of love and finance will come into play, especially in choosing who or what matters in life.

But unlike the other romance books or novels that we used to read, The Gorgeous Mr. Zane chooses to take the alternative route – where the material world weighs more than people. In this intriguing story of pursuing material world and economic stability rather than love and personal affection – the author created a beautiful character that challenges the status quo.

As compelling and engaging it may be, the book seemed to create a disturbing, in a good way impression as well. Yet, its disturbing characteristic made it even more unique and a page-turner among the readers. The love story of Mr.Zane and the woman in this book made it possible to picture an empowered woman.

And although, in a way, life and things were projected in a fast-paced manner in this book. It's great to get into the bottom of things and know that an empowered woman has her way of choosing what to pursue in life at the end of the day. And this is where life spice up a bit. Instead of clinging to a love affair with Mr.Zane, the main character chooses to pursue the material world. To go on with her career, fill up her bank account, and buy the things she loves. But is she really happy? Are those material things made her genuinely happy?

If you are thrilled to have a copy of this book, you'll even be more excited with the second book, "Getting Over Mr. Zane," that is already out in the market. Relive the feeling of being in love and learn how its complexities and the consequences of every action taken within and outside romantic relationships.

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