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Love, Positivity and Happiness in Missee Nelligan's It's All Connected

The world is at its most chaotic state right now, and we try to find peace and inspiration in our own ways. Some cope with food and drinks, some with friends and company, and some find peace through meditation. Perhaps, the most common coping mechanism nowadays is to sit down and read a book. But books can also be stressful at times, and it's hard to find a book that speaks from the heart that can bring peace and inspiration in our current situation. Missee Nelligan's new book, however, might be just the one you're looking for.

Released in 2021, It's All Connected compiles Missee Nelligan's three inspirational books: Don't Stop, Smile For You, and You Are Your Happiness which is about living life and pursuing the things we love to do. All three books combine photography and poetry and give new perspectives about life. It also contains new additional poems and images that will make you look at the world from a more positive outlook.

The author, Missee Nelligan herself, is a huge believer that happiness comes from within and that we need to believe in ourselves and who we are because we are allowed to change and should be happy and free. Her poems feel like a refreshing breeze in the air that'll brighten your perspective in a world that seems to be full of madness and chaos. With so much happening in the world, we can only find comfort in the little things like music, food, and books. Missee Nelligan's book will help you go through everyday challenges with a newfound love for what you do and for yourself. With her artistic prowess, the author shares her talent in photography to help readers visualize a paradise within the walls of their home. She captures landscapes, flowers, trees, and people in random places that will make you ponder about the world you're currently living in. Her artistic poetry will make you feel inspired to breathe as she speaks of love and happiness from the heart. Missee Nelligan's book makes the readers see the beauty and fierceness of nature and shows them that happiness can come from anything.

The author speaks with love, kindness, and care. It reminds readers that these three things can make a difference. She expresses her artistry to prompt her readers to move with empathy, for we do not know the challenges that one has, and all we have is ourselves. Indeed, a little kindness makes a big difference in someone's life, and her book emphasizes the importance of passing it on because when these things are experienced and seen by children, we can make a generation that thrives on love for each other.

As the world plunges into madness day by day, Missee Nelligan's book encourages her readers to see life in a bigger picture, to spread positivity, happiness, and kindness in our own special ways. After all, like every creature in this world, we are all connected one way or another.

To find out more about Missee Nelligan, her inspirational journey as an author, and her inspirational works, check her out at:

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