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Lynne And David: Letters of Love

Romance novels are one of the most-read genres of all time. Even though some stories are fictional and result from an author’s creativity, people still love reading books with happy-endings or tragic endings, as long as it is all about love. People love reading stories that will make them feel the feeling of being in love; romances it excites everyone. But, how about a book full of love letters, not just made up love letters but real ones, written by real in love people?

It is unusual to find a book giving you a whole picture of love just by love letters; that is why the book Lynne and David by the author David Formby is a unique one. The book is a compilation of love letters between the author, David, and his partner, Lynne, over some years.

The letters were written in as early as 1983, making it more than two decades now. Aside from the fact that the love notes were written a long time ago, what’s exciting is that by just reading each one of them, we get to know two people as if we’re with them, and we get a glimpse of an old-fashion kind of love.

David often greets his other half with, “Dearest Lynne Josephine,” while Lynne cheerfully writes and greets him with a cute, “Hello, David Darling.” The lovers’ exchange of a considerable number of letters is filled with stories from each other’s point of view. From the most random story to the most serious one, Lynne and David make sure to share it with each other. They share even the most mundane moment they had to the busiest one. They talked about the people they met, the food they ate, and the place they went. The distance between them could not stop them from updating one another and make sure that they do not miss anything.

Each letter will make you smile and make your heart flutter. It is so good that it makes you feel as if you’re in love or want to be in love. Their exchange of witty banter, funny stories, and romantic expression will make you believe that letters are not just letters; they are love placed in an envelope hoping that the person you wrote it for will feel it.

The letters, especially the love letters that we have received, are private ones, and for sure, it is the same with David and Lynne. It is a property you would want to keep to yourself and read over and over again to relive the moment, but David chose to compile it, publish it, and share it with the world, and for that, we are grateful for him. He showed his readers how a simple compiled letter filled with random things could change one’s heart, or life, for that matter.

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