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Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello: The Woman Behind the Book

Carla De Petris

Embracing the gifts of history and bringing to life the almost forgotten stories of the past, Carla Nicole De Petris has dedicated her life’s work. De Petris believes the past has so much to tell that it should not be dismissed despite change and progress in the modern world. Art is one of the most tangible gifts of the past. Engaging in the enriching journey of defining how art has come to life when created and why the artist has given it birth is fascinating. Art enthusiasts like De Petris are much more interested in it. 

The truth is, not many individuals are like De Petris. With her caliber, skills, and education, it is clear that she can go places and make a name that would resound the grand definition of her love for art. Being an artist herself, De Petris has emerged from an elegant academic background that makes her an expert in terms of artistic education. Nevertheless, her passion is about bringing old stories back to life to get the public’s attention and bring them a sense of realization on what gifts the past has and what it ought to teach the modern generation today. 

Being a religious and pious catholic herself, De Petris is particularly interested in art pieces that define religion, the belief of divinity, and how artists in the past have tried and connected with different themes in the bible. With this in mind, she explored various artists’ backgrounds. She found a way to determine the most practical methods by which she can bridge the modern society with the old and establish a fair sense of realization between these generations through art. 

Through time and age, Madonna and Child have become a common theme of interest among artists. Famous and well-known artists have had their chance of creating their version of the Madonna and Child theme. Each with their interpretation of the message that comes with the image, Madonna, and Child was also one of the most worked on pieces by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino before he died. 

Raffaello’s works were created and emerged during the same time when Michael Angelo’s results were being praised by the communities surrounding him. An era of enlightenment and human exploration, the years that covered these artists’ works, was an enticing time that is worth exploring. 

Carla Nicole De Petris is one of the few people who dedicated time and effort to determine the real value behind Raffaello’s works, particularly on the Madonna of Divine Love. 

With her fascination for history and mystery, she was drawn into this work. It has been contested often whether the painting has been made by Raffaello or his pupil Gian Francesco Penni. To go into the details is to explore the background that defined Raffaello’s work. 

Her book is certainly a good read not just for art enthusiasts but for anyone who would love to follow through a trail of unique storytelling that defines the work of a man who was taken by death too early from his time. 

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