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Magic, Friendship and Fairies!

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if our toys had life? If they could converse and play with us while moving on their own? Just like Woody, Buzz, and Jessie in the Toy Story movies? While we are limited by our imagination, the possibility is just immense, and it can be said that such instances can only be possible with miracles. As little as they may be, stuffed toys and figurines do give so much joy to our childhood, and one author’s attempt to make these toys come to life through her narrative will amaze you.

Released in September of 2021, Maggie Taylor-Saville presents the world with another amazing contribution to the literary world with her book, The Magic Friendship Story. The 15-page book follows the story of five little China ornaments and their journey to Nanna and Pa’s house. Nanna is fond of their adorableness, causing her to fall in love with them and give them names. Cute names that are akin to their cuteness: A surprise came one night when a Magic Friendship Fairy came sliding down a moonbeam and gave them life. The ornaments, unable to believe what was happening, embark on an adventure and explore the world for the first time on their own.

Author Maggie Taylor-Saville hails from Brisbane, Queensland Australia, where she has lived with her husband Harold for many years. She has written numerous books that talk about love between two people and tackle sensitive issues that are found in real life. She had already established a life of her own, raising her own children. Then, she was blessed with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her first storybook made for children evolved from a little "Ducky" story she made up for the little ones. From this idea, she has made this wonderful book with an amazing narrative for children. The theme of the book is simple: to teach acceptance and friendship to all.

The five little ornaments may differ in appearance, but Taylor-Saville creates a gentle world that accepts individuality in all of its forms. The way that it will teach children that being themselves isn’t bad when there are friends that are willing to look out for them. With beautiful illustrations included in the book, kids and maybe adults will surely be enticed by the way the book is written and will immerse themselves in a children’s storybook.

The story brings nostalgia for the days when acceptance was always at the forefront of everyone’s personality. One that does not look for the bad sides of someone but always gives the benefit of the doubt, that even with one’s uniqueness, they can be considered friends one way or another. Taylor-Saville is able to show children this through her different characters and the personalities that they inhabit. It may be a children’s book, but the narrative is comely, warm, and speaks of love even though it's only words. The magic friendship fairy may not be real, but Taylor-Saville teaches us that we all have a fairy in us.

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