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Manifesting Your Dreams Through the Power of Choice

We are becoming more aware now of the stream of consciousness in our minds. In the digital age, information is accessible through social media platforms and websites. Each click leads us to the topics drawn by our curiosity. It allows us to be knowledgeable even in fields outside of our expertise. Those things are the external thoughts we have in life but what is more awakening and deeper is our perspective inwards. Thoughts running in our mind can be considered as our dreams, aspirations and even emotions that others are not aware of. They can be kept locked away safely unless you choose to share with others.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Gustav Jung quote in the book;

The Dreams of our Dreaming, Allan Sankirtan

“How can we manifest our dreams outwardly?”, a question lies behind this idea. Such an interesting thought, yet a perplexing concept that we usually taken for granted. Not all people have the willingness or even the ability to do in depth reflective thinking. Self-help books aim to fill the gaps between awareness of our thoughts and the power of choice to empower an effective way of life. That is, the manifestation of our dreams and desires. Making decisions everyday is called the gift of freewill. Use it wisely to manifest our dreams to becoming a living reality.

“There are no limits to what you can achieve, and what you can experiencein the future, unless you choose to accept them for yourselves.”

Limits, Allan Sankirtan

“Remember . . . that no matter what you experience, YOU, are free to change your experience at any time”

Choice, Allan Sankirtan

The quotes I have here are from the book The Dreams of our Dreaming, written by Allan Sankirtan. Inspired by a lifetime of dreams, this book is a compilation of inspirational and personal poetry and essays written over many years—poems and stories lovingly arranged to take you to many everyday experiences in life. The author shared that he has this desire to show the world an alternative way of thinking and acting. Our individual and collective dreams are like a blueprint for our evolution, even though we are not there yet. Through our choices' power, we are moving closer to the dreams we always wanted to achieve.

Unlike many other self-help books, The Dreams of our Dreaming approach to readers has a sense of intimacy because its text delivers a personal message of inspiration and brings courage in times of need. Grab a copy of the book now to immerse in an unforgettable journey of life and dreams with a natural flow that makes you feel guided by spirit!

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