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Martians and Pirates and an Exciting Adventure

There are some phenomena on earth that we really can't explain and would remain a mystery, like the Bermuda Triangle. But what if these mysteries were caused by something extra-terrestrial?

Peter Locke brings us another installment of his series, Mikkee the Martian. Mikkee is an alien, disguised as a young boy, who comes to earth to explore and study our planet but instead discovers friendship and adventure with the twins, Billy, and Jilly Watson. The trio has been on many quests, and now they embark on another exciting journey as they meet pirates trapped inside the Bermuda triangle!

In the book, Mikkee the Martian: Pirates and the Aliens, Billy and Jilly learned about the Bermuda Triangle at school and discovered from Mikkee that Martians know the secret to its mystery. It was a giant bubble made by an ancient alien civilization to protect themselves.

Soon, the trio headed to witness the Bermuda Triangle's mystery, so they went inside the bubble and met many people trapped, reliving the events on the day they were stuck inside the bubble over and over. They also met a real Pirate named Gentleman Jim and his crew.

As they went back home, Jilly and Billy wished that they could do something to help their newfound friends from being trapped. Will the twins find a way to free Jim and the others? Read the book now and find out how their adventure unfolds!

Mikkee the Martian: Pirates and the Aliens, while it tickles your imagination, is surprisingly informative as the twins discover that cannonballs don't explode, pirates don't mark the map on where they bury the treasure, and not all pirates have a parrot, an eye patch, and a wooden leg.

The book reminds me of my childhood when I would indulge in an adventure and let my imagination take me to places and explorations. It is for young readers who love adventure and science fiction. It is comical and fun to read for all ages.

Let your kids spend their afternoon daydreaming as their imagination takes them on adventures and quests. Visit Peter Locke’s website at

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