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Medley: Getting Ideas from Unlikely Places

Ideas are everywhere.

It's like a gift that appears when you least expect it. You can be driving a car, and an idea suddenly pops up in your head. A weird plot may cross your mind because of a skinny teenager passing by.

Many writers get all sorts of crazy ideas from all unlikely places. And Bella Karoli is an imaginative musician and writer who can be aptly placed in that category. She wrote Medley: Songs of life, a couple out of tune..., which is a collection of short stories inspired by her own experiences, random thoughts and feelings, and sometimes, luck. “A medley is a grouping of different kinds of songs, and the book is composed of different kinds of stories.”

Like most authors, Bella looks at the world with a unique pair of eyes. “Sometimes, I just get an idea. A word can set me off, and I’ll write a complete story around one word.”

Seemingly mundane, ordinary things can set her off to create an elaborate series of plots and complicated characters. She has always had this different flair for writing. She writes about anything that catches her attention, such as fancy words, a box at the side of the road, a friend’s cat, a morgue, some gothic teenagers, or a cute lizard from years ago.

The Muse is always generous to those who are willing to create with a burning passion. Great authors have that tendency to be mere observers of the stories unfolding in their heads. They don’t force ideas to come but rather let the story flow naturally.

“I like the story to write itself. I get the idea, and I start working with it. The names come to me. The scenes come to me. I just start writing, and whatever comes out comes out.” — Bella Karoli

On the other hand, while ideas are easy to find, the hard part isn’t about ideas. Genius is only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Amateur writers worry about getting unique ideas because most stories have been told many times before. Bella says the writers should always strive to bring their stories to life using their own style. “Be yourself when you write. It’s fine to admire and emulate a known author, but if you are a very serious person, an author who writes light, airy stories may not fit your style.”

Bella Karoli’s Medley: Songs of life, a couple out of tune... is a great book that showcases how we can get ideas from many unlikely places. We just have to be ready when they come. And, of course, we should be willing to explore their depths no matter how deep they are. Connect directly to Author Bella Karoli at And for more, visit her beautiful website,

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