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Meeting a Curious Mind of a Child

Driven by curiosity, people seek to explore the world – under or beyond it. We have this innate desire to discover something new that will bring extra value to our life. The most powerful kind of curiosity is found in the stage of childhood. The world is so vast for a young child. Even in simple things, they have been full of wonders on food to taste, new people to meet, games to play, words they hear, and concepts to master.

As believed by many, curiosity is a sign of intelligence. Teachers always encounter a curious child in their class. They are the type who never stop to question and always desire to learn something new. We must admit that it is more interesting to have a conversation with these children; because we learn in the process as we are also challenged about things outside of the realm of knowledge. Reading more books satisfies the curious mind of a child.

Receiving books as birthday gifts is more treasured than other toys for a curious child. I highly recommend them reading the Mikkee the Martian Book 6: “A Visit to Mars. The story will stir more excitement about the adventures of Mikkee (The Martian), Jilly, and Billy in visiting planet mars. The planet holds many surprises that included the lifestyle and appearance of the entire planet. The twins learn all about the Martian life the secrets about the recreations of the inhabitants.

The curious child will surely be delighted reading the works of Peter Locke. Because like Jilly and Billy, having a Martian friend is one exciting experience anyone will have. Other than “A Visit to Mars,” there are more adventures with Mikkee the Martian Book sequel. Are you curious enough now? Check out all the books of Peter Locke on this website.

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