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Midnight Moon: Discovering the Creature of the Night

As the fall season enters, book nerds are not only preparing for the pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, and new cardigan to wear. They are most likely up to a new read to snuggle with the chills of the upcoming Halloween. Of course, mystery and horror fiction about creatures of the night excites them to the bones!

One of the famous characters in this season is the vampire. They are described as humans returning from the grave forced to feed on the blood of the living. Known as sly, blood-sucking and mysterious, vampires are forbidden creatures in society yet hide behind darkness while living among us all. As many kinds of literature and even films tackled the vampire's character, it became a famous one to portray in any Halloween events around the world. Amidst the darkness encapsulating their beings, they also have shown compassion to humans with whom they happen to be friends or fall in love.

Following the story of August Alexander's "Midnight Moon," the Cromwell sisters Elizabeth and Alyssa both partake in a light and carefree adolescent life in the small town of Pensacola, Florida. Until one day, Elizabeth decided to live independently to approach her journey in the Pensacola Junior College. Little did they know, the drastic shift in her life would begin to occur on the night of a terrifying incident. Elizabeth is shot in her attempt to save the victim from being robbed and is left to die; then came a vampire named Caleb Macbeth across that transformed her to become one of them - a creature of the night. What will happen to her now? How can she reveal everything to her family? How about her sister, who is so much dear to her? Many questions to unravel as you continue reading the story. A page-turner, especially for book nerds who loves the mystery of vampires' way of living in our world.

A promising author on the rise, August Alexander shared an excellent take on writing this suspense and mystery vampire story. As young as the age of 13, she has been into writing stories. She has always dreamed of becoming a writer one day and creating stories that people can relate to. There is no doubt that at this point in time, she will become known for her published books such as the Midnight Moon.

"My sister then told me about the book, and after she finished reading it, she loaned it to me, and I read it. For a vampire book, it was amazing! I love the way the author writes. The author is a true writer. I hope the author comes out with more books. I love the plot of the story and all of the nonstop action and the characters. The Cromwell sisters are great characters. I like those characters the most, as well as vampire Caleb. This is one of the best books that I have ever read. I would recommend this book to anyone." - Elena, Amazon Reviewer

She has also released the sequel for Midnight Moon, which is entitled Dark Secrets. Indeed, there are many revelations to unveil in this book. You must check it out as well! Both books are available now on Amazon.

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