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Mikkee the Martian 8 The World of Fun and Adventure

Why does the sun shines every morning and hides at night? What is the Bermuda triangle, and is it real? Does Alien exist? Is outer space true? Can I ride a spaceship? These are probably some of the questions that we asked as children or questions that we get from the kids. In this engaging science fiction, Peter Locke brings us into the tales and wonders of science and our imagination. In his book entitled "Mikkee the Martian, Book 8," let us discover together the wonderful world of science and endless fancy thoughts.

As a cameraman behind the television stories for the past 50 years, he finally decided to start his chance at telling stories of his own in the frontline. Remembering how he began, he shared that it was as early as six years old when he started showing his ability and passion into the world of imagination and telling stories in class.

We were once kids, and at one point or another in our adult life, we wished we have known things a little earlier. Undeniably, as kids, we used to think that life is full of things and phenomena that cannot be explained. We even see and hear things that adults do not find well. And so, this book is dedicated to stimulating children's thoughts towards a world of fun and discovery.

This masterpiece is created for the parents and their children to encourage reading at an early age. With characters of high moral grounds and values learning, this book offers a wide array of knowledge. The book contains characters and situations of supernatural occurrences to stimulate the reader's imagination while being introduced to scientific and adult terms. This one is a pure work of fiction – no racism, no religion, nor politics discussed.

With this thought in mind, Peter created this charming, fun, and quirky story for kids. The book is intended to stir up children's imagination and introduced them to scientific terms and even some adult concepts.

With a vision of creating a world-wide kids club and a Children's TV adventure series soon, Mr. Locke gives us a glimpse of his work with this story. Also, the author himself is working on the production of audiobooks and signing videos for the deaf to reach a wider audience of his adventure series based on education and fun.

For additional information on this book and the author, you may visit and secure a copy of your own or for your children at Amazon and Waterstone's.

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