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Mikkee the Martian Book 2: Your Kid’s Next Favorite Book

What makes reading a book life-changing is that it brings us to a different dimension. When we read books, our minds became active and creative – making us picture each story and each scenario on our heads. We get to meet and love new characters as if they are real, we feel all kinds of emotion, and we get to visit different places by just reading. And if reading a book helps us widen our imagination, kids must find and read the best story that will help them think creatively.

Speaking of the perfect book for kids, Peter Locke, an author, came up with a great idea of a book story series called, Mikee The Martian. In the first book, Mikkee the Martian: Mikkee Arrives, the adventure of the main protagonist started. Mikkee arrives on Earth and meets up with Billy and Jilly, the Watson twins, after his research trip from Mars. The book was filled with magic and superpowers, making it a good read for kids. Well, the story gets better in the second book.

The second book of the series is called Mikkee the Martian: The Tiger and the Fair. The adventure of Mikkee and his friends became more interesting when a dangerous tiger escapes from the circus and Mikkee has to make a high-level rescue. Exciting, isn’t it?

This book is recommended for children because it will pique their curiosity and imagination. They will probably start asking a question about the planet Mars, or about a circus and a tiger – and answering their questions will help parents spend quality time with their children.

The book will also help them visualize things from their beautiful minds, as it has creative has illustrations, too. But aside from the story, the creativity, or the pictures, the best thing that children will get from this short storybook is the moral of it. The lesson and realizations that the kid will learn after reading the book are what makes Mikee the Martian Book 2 great. This book will undoubtedly land on your kid’s favorite books because of the enjoyment that your child will feel while reading this.

What are you waiting for? Grab some copies now, and give your child the best book they will ever read.

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