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Mikkee The Martian by Peter Locke (Book 2: The Tiger and The Fair)

Stories of science fiction are at its peak this millennium. Have you watched the movie Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxies and Men in Black? The action and futuristic vibes fascinate us today because we are always curious about life outside the earth – the vast universe. Human beings have been searching for this answer ever since there are sightings of extra-terrestrial in the planet. We want to know the possibility of living on Mars. Is there any chance if water did exist there? The more we learn about the universe, the less we seem to know. 

Such fascination and curiosity made other creatures in the universe alive in fantasy science fiction novels. It is one thing that ticked the creative mind of our author, Peter Locke. He is a passionate storyteller, which led him to a career in the entertainment industry. His vivid imagination and enthusiasm for telling stories made him decide to focus on writing fiction. Having unique ideas and a sense of humor, he was well-appreciated by readers. Peter’s first series of books, Mikkee the Martian, is aimed for a young audience who loves science fiction. It is an easy read short stories that children will definitely love.

On Mikkee the Martian Book 2: The Tiger and The FairBilly and Jilly Watsons (the twins) continue the adventure with Mikkee, their martian friend. In this book, they even discover how come Martians like Mikkee do not need sleep or food from humans. This book also showed how the twins introduced Mikkee (pretending he is also human) to their mother and ask permission to attend a circus event. Then, they discovered here that the famous tiger named Tanya in the circus just escaped. The trio made an instant rescue squad to protect the people from being harmed by the tiger.

The story shows more the value of friendship and the act of heroism of the main characters. Including moral values is part of the essence of writing children fiction books. Even as an adult, you will appreciate how natural is the flow of events in the story and has its power to wake up your inner child Peter’s Locke’s writing style made it easy to comprehend for the young ones. The story sequel of the Mikkee the Martian will be recommendable to be seen on digital platforms video series such as Youtube Kids and Netflix. 

True enough that our Martian friends can be around us. We will never know unless proven for legitimate shreds of evidence. At the moment, let us sway with these science fiction alien stories to entertain us for that possibility in the future. You might want that one martian friend too.

Grab the Mikkee The Martian by Peter Locke (Book 2: The Tiger and The Fair) on

 Have fun sharing alien stories with your kids. 

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