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Mikkee the Martian Takes the Kids to Mars in His Sixth Adventure

The Mikee the Martian series continues with yet another exciting adventure for the titular extraterrestrial explorer and his human buddies. In "Mikkee the Martian: Book Six a Visit to Mars," Peter Locke takes readers off-world to explore Mikkee's home.

In this installment, Mikkee fulfills the promise he made to the twins Billy and Jilly during the adventure at the TV studio, namely to take them to his homeworld, the Red Planet. So he takes them across the gulf of space to Mars, a world that holds many surprises for the visiting humans, including how it really looks. Billy and Jilly learn about life on Mars, its ecosystem and civilization, as well as the secrets the world holds. Plus, they also get to know about the inhabitants of the planet, including their pastimes and recreational activities.

Locke treats his young readers to a science fiction spectacle, sharing his vision of Martian society and ecology. This played off the previous book's events when the kids got a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a sci-fi TV show. Now they are doing it "for real," boarding Mikkee's spaceship and exploring another planet. They explore their destination, as exotic a locale as it can get, and also learn how to be good visitors. At the same time, they are treated to Martian hospitality and must learn to appreciate the unique ways of the planet's people. While they are literally on another world, the universal joys of traveling still hold true whether you're visiting Madagascar or Mars itself. Differences and uniqueness are fascinating, and they should be celebrated and enjoyed.

This wholesome adventure blends the science-fiction genre with invaluable life lessons such as the joys of travel and what one can learn from meeting and befriending new and different people. With its colorful and charmingly illustrated pages, "Mikkee the Martian: Book Six a Visit to Mars" will surely be an engaging read for children, providing them with an entertaining and educational bedtime story while instilling in them an appreciation for exploration, whether the destinations are on Earth or beyond.

About the Author

Peter Locke is retired after 50 years as a television producer, director, and studio cameraman. Since he was young, he was always an avid storyteller, a passion that continued into his adult years, leading him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

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