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Millennial People Don't Want Kids: Does that mean they're selfish?

According to the pope, "the decision not to procreate is selfish." But is it true? While many are acquiring abortion because of unwanted pregnancies, people still believe that women are supposed to create another life in this world. As they say, procreation is the purpose of being a woman. However, people from different generations have different views about parenthood. Going back to the question, does the determination of not procreating is a selfish decision?

The majority of millennial people do not want kids. Why? According to them, the population is already uncontrollable. As you see, most of the environmental activists are young, and they are more concerned about the world rather than thinking of bearing a child one day. Overpopulation is undoubtedly bad for the environment.

Additionally, millennial people believe that the world is a cruel place to live, and they can't bear to see their child experiencing it. If you observe the world, people are so amazed to see and experience kindness when, in fact, we should not startle ourselves from these deeds since it should be normalized. Discrimination, killings, etc.. no longer frighten us but seeing kindness do. Lastly, most of them do not feel any maternal and paternal instinct. Bearing a child is not a trial and error situation. You can't just bear a child and dispose of them once you realize you are not meant for it. Parenting demands more than that.

Opting out of parenthood does not indicate selfishness. Everyone is not required to become a parent. If you analyze deeply, those millennials, who do not want kids, are just thinking about their child's future. They'd rather not have one, so the children won't experience any hardships in the world. Millennial people are more concerned with their children's lives once they are here in the world.

Carl Anderson, the author of A Mother-Father Complex, contains stories of flaws about being a parent. According to Carl Anderson, he wrote the book because he had an urge to make up for a former life with broken relations and bankruptcy, emotionally and mentally speaking. Even the author himself acquired complications with his parents. This also proves why most millennial people do not want to experience parenting, mainly because they used to witness displeasing scenarios with their parents. However, this book holds stories of hope and happiness, as well as being a parent. This is a must-read book as it let us face all the angles of parenthood. In the end, the desire to procreate or not must be respected at all times. Because the world may be cruel to us most of the time, but that doesn't mean we'll live hard forever.

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