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Modern Day Romance Novel Explores Real-Life Issues Facing Women

M.E. Rodriguez tells a riveting and moving story of an orphaned girl who must do whatever it takes to survive, to the point where her heart and soul become so calloused that she no longer believes she can experience love. In "Empowering Antoinette," the titular protagonist must overcome the greatest challenge yet: forgiving herself in order to finally give herself a chance at happiness.

Rodriguez immerses readers in the life journey of a woman who was exposed to violence and tragedy at a younger age, circumstances that lead her to develop an altered personality in order to protect herself. Her father is murdered, and she is placed in an orphanage, marking the beginning of a long and arduous road to recovery. As she grows up, she becomes a young woman who is driven to succeed in all aspects of her life - except finding intimacy. Her heart has been so toughened, and the only way she can ever fall in love is if she faces the truth of her past. Otherwise, she cannot fall in love with Julian, the man who is madly in love with her.

"Empowering Antoinette" shows a woman's immense strength in the face of adversity, as well as the consequences of the harsh circumstances that led her to become so resilient. But to finally heal, she must reckon with her tragic past and the abuses she experienced, which means exposing her vulnerabilities and reconciling with her traumas—an essential step in order to be able to enter healthy intimate relationships.

This novel is a long time coming. As Rodriguez says: "Just about a decade ago I wrote a romance novel, 'Empowering Antoinette,' and then I just put it away. Every now and then, she (the book) would resurface into my life... and I would remember it fondly and put her away. Today, 'Empowering Antoinette,' refuses to be put back into the drawer and here I am!"

With her novel, she tells a moving story with universally relevant themes. Rodriguez's modern-day romance is based on real-life issues experienced by many women of all generations.

About the Author

M.E. Rodriguez is an American of Cuban descent from a lineage of empowered women. Raised in the Northeastern United States, she has accomplished many things in her life, from serving in the U.S. Coast Guard to graduating with an MBA in Business Administration. She has traveled across the United States, Latin America, France, Spain, and the Caribbean. Rodriguez is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish, and also is conversant in Portuguese. She is a lover of books and writing.

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