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Mom Burnout: Is it for real, or am I just overthinking?

Motherhood burnout is the emotional and physical exhaustion that moms feel about parenting and the entire thing that comes with it- household chores, work, and even finances. The truth is, we all have been there at some point in time, so that means you are not overthinking; you are just tired. 

No book will teach you how to be perfect in all aspects of parenting, and that is for real. We do not have to be perfect; all we should learn is to take motherhood one step at a time.

Despite the reality of feeling burned out, tired, or stressed because of parenting, there are some things that you can do to help you be emotionally and physically fit.

Establish a daily routine

For your baby, a routine is essential because it helps them feel more secured and stable. They are less likely to feel irritated and grumpy because they understand what is happening around them.

Aiming to establish a daily routine for babies from birth will be beneficial for you and your baby. You will be able to anticipate your errands ahead of time and think of the things you need to finish.

Be strict about 7 PM bedtime

After a long day, early bedtime for your babies will give you a “me time.” Enjoy a hot bath without someone knocking at your door, asking you to help them out with something, or read a book or finish chores. 

Implementing early bedtime means you should also establish a bedtime routine for your babies. A warm bath and a massage before putting on their comfy pajamas will help them relax. Reading a bedtime story can also help them feel calm. 

Set a time for yourself

Setting a time for yourself is not selfish; you need it, and you must have it. It would be best to take a break from the physical and mental load you have. A little time for yourself will help you shift your perspective about whatever pressure you feel. Do the things that you love and enjoy before you entered motherhood. 

Taking care of a baby is hard. Time for yourself does not necessarily mean that you are out all day, and we don’t need to feel guilty about not loving every minute of motherhood. 

Sleep well! Eat well! The mental load of motherhood is sometimes too much to handle, so get enough sleep and eat enough to get you through the day. It is expected that you will feel burned out; you will feel tired because being a mom is hard work; it is a never-ending thing.

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