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More Than Just A Love Story

Some people choose the book they will read based on the author, the story, or for some, the title. The title of a book (aside from its cover) catches the attention of a reader. It seems that it speaks so much of the story itself, but for some, it is merely to catch the eye of the reader, take, for instance, Anne Thomas’ The Gorgeous Mr. Zane by Harry Stefano.

Harry Stefano

At first, you might think that the book is about the romantic relationship between a girl and Mr. Zane because the story started when the unnamed protagonist girl shared the story of when she first met Romeo Zane. But as you immerse yourself into the story, read every sentence, and jump from one scenario to the next, you will understand that this book is not just an ordinary book; this is a book for people who want to understand and widen their perspective.

The book makes a statement on current societal attitudes, challenging social norms, and the status quo. It mainly looks at the harsh reality of the life of a mistress. Not to be brushed under the carpet, it’s a bit of an exposé that will intrigue you; it captures the 1960s generation of free love and describes how a woman in modern times can still make choices, particularly with her love life and feel empowered by this. The book speaks loudly that every woman is no societal puppet that can be controlled by strings.

Although the story started with how the two main characters meet, their sexual adventures, and their romance, the most exciting part of the story is not the romance; it is the message that the author wants to convey to the readers.

The story is actually about a simple and middle-class woman who will do things to secure comfort. It delivers the idea that self-improvement and how the value of and the need for a woman being very accomplished these days is still a much sought-after quality.

According to the author, Anne Thomas, the book asks some searching questions and explores 1960’s sub-culture. I’m hoping to be able to strike a chord with many women. She is also confident that it is a book which some men may find interesting too.

When asked about her vision when she wrote the book, Anne said that she wanted to base it primarily on her observations of busy working people with perhaps not much time on their hands. She had visions of her book being picked up in an airport departure lounge, for instance. She also mentioned that in her early 20’s, she had been a big fan of Mills and Boon classics. The kind of books that are easy to read; satisfying yet enjoyable too. She believes that reading is also some leisure – reading for pleasure and not just studying or academic purposes.

The Gorgeous Mr. Zane by Harry Stefano is also her answer to the well-known author Jane Austin and her book: Pride and Prejudice, mainly focusing on the main running theme of money and marriage. It is an answer to Jane Austin’s infamous opening lines in her writing. The Gorgeous Mr. Zane by Harry Stefano is with a modern-day twist, but yet keeping with tradition.

This book is excellent, one that goes beyond the norm. It is the kind of book that is not only compelling, but also the type of book that awakens the readers’ mind to look beyond, see the greater picture, and understand that women will always rise above every situation, no matter what. To top these fantastic things about Anne Thomas’ book, well, it is currently being held on the Hollywood database for performance adaptation.

Guess what; a new masterpiece is coming from Thomas as she is working on a second follow-up book. Exciting, isn’t it?

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