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More Than the Imaginable with Fergal Joe

How much of your life would you say you have in control? Much of it? Less of it? The truth is, no one can even make an accurate estimate. The only thing you can vouch for is yourself: your line of thinking, way of feeling, and reacting modes. Not being passive about his circumstances, Fergal Joe models to people how taking the wheel of your life can be liberating despite your current situations.

\Author of The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom series, Fergal Joe is quite the adventurous Irish soul. His education consists of everything he can get his hands-on city and guilds course, the agricultural course on beef, sheep, and dairy, and as of the time of writing, computer and picture framing courses. But the best activity of both his hands and brain for him is writing.

His dyslexia and small-town roots humbled him to live as many lives as possible with his many course occupations and literary adventures. His thirst for learning is evident in how he develops his writing. Author Fergal Joe is admittedly a contemporary of J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. He develops stories that are about far outlands with relatable emotions and challenges about being human.

His latest literary work, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom series, dabbles with themes of adventure, vengeance, brotherhood, and ultimately, family. At the book’s inception, Fergal Joe likes to create “what-if” scenarios in his head. These ultimately found their way into the books. Despite his thirst for more and more knowledge for career expansion, Fergal Joe knows he is an author at the end of the day. His books manifest these and show his craftsmanship in telling stories.

Your present circumstances may or may not always feel like being your best self yet. But, just like Fergal Joe, don’t hold yourself back. Give yourself opportunities. Open yourself to options. Strive to survive, but don’t forget to have a vision for your passion. One day, you may just surprise yourself to view more than imaginable.

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