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Moses' Double Standard Leadership Why Pastors Act Strangely by Rev Emmanuel Oghene

Nobility has its obligations. Moses' discipleship with that gargantuan task from liberating the Israelites from the bondage of slavery in Egypt to bringing them to the Promised Land in Canaan is no small feat. Trekking on foot by the mountain, through the desert, and by the sea in 40 years is indeed a gigantic mission; perceiving it alone by the human standard is next to impossible, but with God's Divine Providence, the arduous task is within reach.

As the Israelites leader, Moses kept God's instructions, and with God's authority, Aaron, his brother, and the 70-member Council helped him carry out the divine pursuit. As commissioners in that spiritual undertaking, they were given the privilege as such by God to lead the nation of Israel, which caused the ire of other relatives' clan who were not included to be part of core discipleship. It can be noted that since the beginning of Israel's pilgrimage as a nation, envy and jealousy ensued between siblings, cousins— stories of Cain killing his brother Abel, Joseph's brothers selling him off to traders, Esau's regret in selling his birthright to his brother, Jacob — is a clear manifestation of animosity in blood relations.

Time and again, as rivalry in administrative positions within the clan is the focal point of discussion, it can be said that it rings true regardless of the time that becomes the struggle of the designated leader in any organization. As for Moses, who was God's chosen leader, he has the upper hand with God's directive in implementing His will to the Israelites. However, due to his leaning towards his emotions, which we could say is biased, his decision-making would tend to be in his favor in light of the tribe's benefit.

It would come as no surprise that Moses would have lapsed in his judgment, which caused his right to step foot on the Promised Land. In his 40-year rule, he had shown many inconsistencies in his leadership— his anger towards worshippers of idolatry led by his brother Aaron, his plea for mercy that his sibling is spared from the wrath of the Almighty, and punish Korah and company who staged a rebellion against him. More interesting detailed stories are up for grab for history enthusiasts in the context of the spiritual realm in Moses' Double Standard Dealership - Why Pastors Act Strangely by Rev. Emmanuel Oghene, a well-known author, a paper pulpit pastor, and a Bible preacher by multiple publications.

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