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Mother-Father Complex: A Contemplative Read on Family Dynamics and Love

People experience different bumps in life. It can be inner conflict, value conflict, relationship conflict, and work-related problems. In surviving the battles of life, the only choice is to face these with courage and wisdom. It is easier said than done because not all people receive the same level of hardships. Many factors can affect the approach of dealing with problems, which makes life filled with never-ending problems.

Carl Anderson, the author of Mother-Father Complex, carried the same burden in life. Through his book, he expressed his regrets and baggage from the past in a creative way — poetry. It was contemplative in the sense that all his mistakes in the past carried lessons in life that are worth sharing with others. The collection of poetry you will read in the book is an expression of guilt and desired to send hope for others struggling with the same battle.

The theme of the Mother-Father Complex emphasizes intricate family dynamics between the role of the parents and children. The poetry covers the consequences of decisions, dialogues, and boldness of emotions. It unravels the conflicts through metaphors while allowing the reader to reflect on the words' real meaning. The concept of love was expressed in unique literature and had its every taste of reality.

Carl Anderson nailed his signature in writing poetry by diving into his own subconsciousness. This is something you rarely take out of the ordinary writings. The choice of words and description of every scenario in the poetry moves on to his own mystery, which makes it enticing.

Encounter the insightful collection of poetry of Carl Anderson by reading "Mother-Father Complex." It will make you realize the essence of our relationships with others and why we should treasure them. Despite any chaos, love prevails in any way.

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