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Mother-Father Complex: The 21st Century Family Dynamics

A Mother-Father Complex is written by Carl Anderson to express his regrets from his former life. “A Mother- Father Complex was written because I had an urge to make up for a former life with broken relationships and total bankruptcy of my mental state.”

The book revolves around his relationship with his parents and former partners. It explored the perspective of the people around him when his life was full of bitterness. A Mother-Father Complex also deals with the dynamics inside a broken family, which can be applied to the current relationship between family members in the 21st century.

As we enter a new frontier in technology, many people ask about the effects of the 21st-century developments on our family dynamics. What are the changes in our families that we should expect in the new millennium? What is the future of family amidst the rapidly changing world?

One of the most apparent effects of modernization on families is single-parenthood. Many relationships are ruined because of demanding work, technology, and a new perspective on marriage. Couples would instead resort to divorce than living inside a house. The 21st-century parents are more liberal now about their choices and options due to the legal brought forth by new laws and cultural changes.

To make things worse, committing infidelity became much easier because of social media and online dating sites. When couples fight, it’s easier to seek comfort from another person through the help of social media.

Many adults are also more confused about their happiness now more than ever. They usually don’t know why they married someone, confusing material things and sexy to genuine happiness. In the end, family dynamics will change in a matter of years as the couple discovers their incompatibility.

Family is the foundation of every society. In Carl Anderson’s A Mother-Father Complex, he talked about how he managed to fix his broken relationship with his parents and former partners. Anderson’s book takes us back to the family values that we’ve long forgotten. And, now that we are stuck in our houses, it’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on his words to keep the bond with our family stronger.

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