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Moving Forward Without: A Cold New Year

We commonly believe death as the opposite of life, when, in fact, death is part of it. Sometimes, we don’t know when will be the end of us or the people we love. As death comes like a strong wind, we never expected, and for that, we should prepare ourselves for the damage it may cause. Like a strong wind, it may not only wreck your home but also bring chills through your bones.

Nevertheless, we always believe death is the greatest tragedy in life, but it is not. It is the consequence of death that brings an intense stroke of pain and to move forward without them.

If you haven’t experienced losing a loved one yet, it is essential to prepare yourself for that. So that you will be able to deal with it and handle it well. On the other hand, if you are on the process of accepting your loved one’s loss, then perhaps, this book might be the right for you.

A Cold New Year, written by Alicia D. Brown, is a powerful book in terms of dealing with loss and grievances. It portrays a story of how painful it is to be left alone with the person you deeply love, and how to also recover from it. The book was written with so many emotions and soul, and it is undoubtedly the book that will mirror on what you feel when you lose a loved one.

If you are on the process of grieving, then this book is a perfect one to read, so you will be reminded that everyone gets to experience your pain’s extremity, and if they survived, so you are. Even if a book is made from papers and words, it can be more than that. During these times where everyone is telling you to get over it, there will be A Cold New Year book that will remind you it’s okay to deal with it and embrace the loss because denial is what makes moving on more challenging.

The book will teach you to accept it and continue living without the lost loved one. One life closer to us met his end, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up as well, for there are still plenty of people who rely upon you and wish to have you as long as there’s time. What’s significant is you get to fulfill your life because the right time for you will also come. Just keep believing that in another world, both of you will see each other again.

Losing a loved one happens at any time, at any moment. But whatever we lost along the way, it’s still essential to fix our eyes upon the lives that are still here.

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