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Murder Mystery Parties: A Treat for the Kids

Nothing is more exciting when you hear about the game called 'Murder Mystery.' It has always been part of anyone's childhood, and I bet you are no exception! Murder Mystery Parties are becoming a trendy entertainment choice for Party hostesses looking for something unique. Party planners want their event to be talked about in exciting conversations for weeks afterward. Your run of the mill food, music, and social gathering doesn't garner real excitement. Hostesses are now looking for other ways to get their guests excited about attending. Many are tying theme parties, which can be fun. Even more fun is a murder mystery theme party.

In the book written by Peter Locke entitled “Mikkee the Martian”, in its Book 3: The Ghost and the House, one of its purposes is to share his funny, moving, and full of surprises book to the rest of the world. Peter Locke's first series of books is aimed at a younger audience, both boys and girls, who enjoy science fiction. The series is about Mikkee, the Martian, who comes to Earth for research and relaxation. Shortly after he arrives, he meets twins, Billy and Jilly Watson, whom he befriends and then embarks upon several exciting adventures.

This specific part of the series Book 3: The Ghost and the House, discusses how Mikkee the Martian, and the twins watch a TV program about ghost hunting and eventually invited them to visit a haunted house. Soon after, they meet the ghost and hear an evil story of how he was left to roam the Earth. The protagonist, Mikkee, summons a higher authority, finds a solution to the ghost's problems, and solves a murder mystery over a hundred years old!

The author was an avid storyteller as a young child, which made him write fiction stories. He has a vivid imagination combined with more than half a century of experience in a creative workspace, which made him decide to focus on writing fiction stories alone. Also, he has an off-beat sense of humor and unique points of view that made his writing style stand out beyond the conventional norm. This is evident in his abovementioned book that is truly exceptional and will truly entertain the children who are passionate about science-fictional stories. Find the whole series at!

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