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Thomas-Ian Nadeau talks about Consent & Morality in the Broader Spectrum

(March 13, 2021) – The realm of the afterlife is one shrouded with mystery & curiosity. Thomas-Ian Nadeau’s introspective autobiography, ‘My Embodiment as a Broken Record’, delves into the known & the unknown by raising questions about topics that are harrowingly personal.

The book sets out to answer questions about morality, homosexuality, heaven, hell, and Earth with an interesting twist of subjective narration. The autobiography puts forward provocative questions about homosexuality and bisexuality with introspection to consent. It also explores the sins of rape and the ultimate punishment of being sentenced to purgatory or hell. The author narrates that homosexuality and bisexuality are okay when consent is taken.

Readers of ‘My Embodiment As A Broken Record’ will be taken on an intriguing philosophical journey where hell is the final destination for evil spirits. The multi-layered book introduces the reader to the afterlife concepts with flamboyant characters like a fallen angel and a demon called Malbowa.

Thomas-Ian Nadeau pushes through the boundaries of a single concept by intertwining the fate of the universe over a love affair with mental illness. He talks about the doomed couple in his work while also discussing pedophilia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism.

The book borrows heavily from the author’s personal life as a young adult battling mental illness. An unprinted note from the author read, “Drowned by the knowledge of a pedophile father and pederasty. A fine and flick piece of work”.

The story and autobiography of the debut author will entice the readers into embarking on their journey towards understanding the concept of consent & morality. It will push the readers to think outside the comfort zone by raising questions that are often pushed past.

Nadeau has uniquely structured the book in the form of multiple journal entries, giving it a sharp edge as it flows & cuts. The concepts of the book are linked to consent and how breaking it will make one fall.

‘My Embodiment as a Broken Record’by Thomas-Ian Nadeau is available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback editions on Amazon.


About the Author

Thomas-Ian Nadeau was born and raised in the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and later moved to the big city. He has been struggling with mental health since he was young. Nadeau threw out his first two longer stories after they were rejected by publishers. His third book, ‘My Embodiment as a Broken Record’ is an autobiography that he worked hard on for three years despite struggling with his failing mental health. For more information, please visit:

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