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My Island Home, A Journey back to the 1960s

Penelope Ann Smith-Carter Dichiera is a polymath woman, someone who takes an interest in various subjects. She has created so many works of art with her hands. She is a visual artist, poet, and writer. In the year 2000, Penelope has written her book "My Island Home." It was a spur of the moment writing in that one afternoon while selling her artworks at the Fremantle Markets. It was a work coming from an unprecedented flow of ideas right at that moment without any prior structure or plot like some other conventional writings.

Her book "My Island Home" is an illustrated work created by herself. It contains her own experiences as a child and how it is so much different from today's children. Also, she shares the journey of leaving England and migrating to Australia in 1965 and how it felt to face a sudden turn in life. Motivated to have us experience this particular phase of the journey in her life, she made the book an illustrated one to make it more appealing and relatable. More than the journey itself, this book also gives us a glimpse of fond memories of childhood, of the island, and a carefree life in a new and strange environment at once.

Penelope Ann Smith-Carter Dichiera is an inspiring writer born In England and moved to Australia along with her family in 1965. Our author is an inspiring and versatile artist. In her early days, she remembered how her family and childhood have fostered and supported her skills since the beginning. Today, she is an accomplished woman of art, a mother, and a grandmother. As she aspires to let her grandchildren experience the things that she grew up with, she still does some old-fashioned ways of sending handwritten letters and sending packages through the mail.

As a writer, poet, and painter, she draws inspiration from no other than Frida Kahlo. She is an artist bound to do great things in the arts realm, and these are evident with her countless participation in different exhibits and art galleries.

Also, along with her love for art is a heart and compassion for the people around her. She dedicates most of her exhibits and artworks to people with special needs and their fund-raising events. She also joins auctions, charity works, and supporting communities. She is a helpful hand to various groups like HeartKids, Team to Ride for Cancer Patients and their families, and many more. Let us get inspiration from this publicly recognized feminine inspiration of our times.

Recently, Penelope Ann Smith-Carter Dichiera has been invited to read a story for the primary students at Attadale Primary School; and it has always been her joy to share and spark the children’s interest in art. Much is still in store for us with her upcoming books, but for now, let us go back in time and experience life and immigration in the 1960s with "My Island Home."

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