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Mysteries in Haunted Castles: A Part of Every Kid’s Fiction Satisfaction

When we think of a haunted castle, we immediately go to visions of a castle somewhere in Eastern Europe. But North America has its share of castles, and consequently, it shares spooky, unexplainable stories. These stories, good or bad, make these castles precious and dreamy to the kids you tell stories with.

Sometimes the mysterious stories start long before the castle was even built, and these stories are probably a hint that nothing should be built in a particular location. A similar scenario appears in the Book 4 of the series called “Mikkee The Martian,” written by Peter Locke. The series is about Mikkee the Martian, who comes to Earth for research and relaxation. Shortly after he arrives, he meets twins, Billy and Jilly Watson, whom he befriends and then embarks upon several exciting adventures.

Book 4: The King and the Castle discuss Mr. Watson’s arrangement for Mikkee, the Martian, and the twins to visit an ancient castle. As the story goes, they are escorted by a pompous guide through a tour of the castle. Mikkee, the series’ protagonist sees the ghost of the king leaning against the entrance. He gives the twins the power to see him too. The king acts like the clown and makes fun of the guide. The twins find this all very funny and are told off by their father, who, of course, cannot see the ghost. The king shows Mikkee a secret room upstairs and a secret passage in the kitchen. The three follow this to a smugglers’ cave, and Jilly finds some treasure.

The author was an avid storyteller as a young child, so he ensured that the story would click on the younger audience. He also put some magic in this fiction, which would grab any kid’s attention. The narration in this book, together with the odd creatures in this story, was richly crafted by the author’s imagination to pursue the audience’s entertainment. Truly, this is a top-notch science-fiction story series that will surely suit your sci-fi story cravings. Visit now Author Peter Locke’s website at

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