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Naughty and Needy: Thoughts of Writing Erotica Fiction

Play naughty around your curiosity to produce an erotica fiction that anyone can fall for.

From a sexual fantasy place, reading erotica fiction is an actual leap of faith in fulfilling our selfish erotic desires. For the writers of this genre, it is an invitation for their readers to give in to the pursuits of the sexual desires they never had but always fantasized about. That’s why it is called ‘fiction.’ You want to bring the bedroom surrealism into an enticing narrative that will serve the readers well.

It calls for the subtle and distinct line between sexual reality and fantasy.

Write a story where a boy meets a girl in a coffee shop. Well, that can be a romantic episode of a love story, but the market would not be huge. People would like to binge on the extraordinary side of a mundane reality of just having sex. Let’s get real here; you know what I mean. The more a writer identifies and addresses the sexual desires of their target readers then their writing will be more effective. The booming sales will follow after that. Then, it will be a mission accomplished for the erotica writer.

If it ever crossed your mind to be that kind of writer, you need to be in the shoes of these needy and thirsty readers for sexual fantasies. Reading more erotica fiction beforehand will inspire you to start ahead, drafting your first-ever erotic fiction. You should look up to one well-known erotica writer like Katie Santee. Being an avid reader of erotica herself, she started writing her own work and had several stories published as best-selling.

Learn more by reading You Were Mine for a Time, Katie Santee’s first published erotica fiction. It is about four short erotic stories reflecting the realities of the wild phases of womanhood and the unforeseen twist of the story. Moreover, the blend of lusty and romantic vibes may help readers discover their sexual limits through the wildest fantasies ever conceived.

Make sure your readers will tremble and quiver on their couches while reading your erotica fiction. Be inspired by what charm can Katie Santee does to create a sweet escape to our secret sex fantasies by reading her books!

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