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Navigate the Right Move to Overcome this Pandemic’s Financial Crisis

Everything is uncertain this time of the pandemic. It grips the world-leading countries to shut down their borders and enforce the strict quarantine. It brought unemployment to people, the decline of sales for businesses, and stress at all levels. The crisis made us into a more fragile humanity struggling now to be independent, make a living, and enjoy the world’s resources. However, this is not the first time in history. Some stories retell the history of how people in the past managed a crisis such as the great depression. 

Published in the year 2014, the book-playwright entitled Tale of “Jeanette” by Asya Schmaryan, under the pen name Aysa Florez, tells a story about the time in history when the crisis of Great Economic Depression shakes the world. During this period, the republics have been swallowed by unemployment, and citizen’s savings were lost. As a result, people would like to look for a better life elsewhere. This includes a side story of young people who were devasted and struggling to survive life. And yet, they still chose to take the risk of becoming a sailor and navigate the ship “Jeanette.” Only to discover soon what change their recklessness and antagonistic action will bring them.

The situation of people in the Tale of “Jeanette” is so much parallel to what is happening this year 2020 in the world. Thoughts arise on my mind that people today must know better. If this was experienced in the past, we must have the means and wisdom to overcome the crisis today. It would be practically optimistic to believe that. On the other hand, knowledge alone is not enough, but the plan of action is. Thus, it is important to know the right move to overcome this financial crisis we have today. We must take it seriously.

Setting up an emergency budget is one thing we need to take note of. It will save you from falling apart, encountering such an economic crisis in your country. Focus on the basics now. Only buy the “essentials” for your family to live, such as food, supplements, and house bills. Stay frugal and eliminate the extra expenses. Even if you have any extra, set it apart as savings. Your future self will benefit from doing this. 

Health is Wealth may sound like a cliché but realistic enough. Prioritizing your health and wellness will result in a mindful and strong body. This state of being will make you productive every day to do more and earn more. Even in the middle of the crisis, be wise because there are so many ways to earn money this generation. Try working online using the set skills you might have like content writing, photo/video editing, social media management, legal consultancy, accounting, and more. It would be best if you adapted with the new normal and believe that this can be the better normal. 

We can say that the great depression tape is playing on a replay this year. Will you give up that easily? Read on Aysa Florez’s Tale of “Jeanette” book. Learn from the past and Plan your action today! 

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