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Never Saw You Coming by KLS Fuerte: A Book Review

Have you experienced being deceived by love? So right that it is hard to get over with that kind of experience. Love is not always about the feeling of having butterflies on your stomach or seeing a heavenly sight. Being young and naïve can make us fall into the trap of the dark shade of love. You might relate to our protagonist in the story Never Saw You Coming. Her name is Beatrice.

Beatrice is a young lady who just started her career in teaching French in Surrey when she encounters Edward, the charismatic drama teacher. Eventually, they fall in love, marry, and have a family. Everything is fine, or is it not? The conflict started to grow as Beatrice uncovers Edward’s secrets and begins to wonder about this man she falls in love with. From then, Beatrice dwells more on the statement of Edward the night before they wed.

“I am not a good person, you should not marry me.” – Edward, from the novel Never Saw You Coming.

There’s a lot of questions hanging in mind after reading the story. What would you do if you were in Beatrice’s shoes? Would you leave Edward because he’s not the same man you married? Or would you still hope for the love you had to come back and forgive him? You crave to know more about Beatrice’s decision for this relationship. The ambiguous ending will be frustrating to the readers as they find themselves already emotionally invested in Beatrice’s character and the whole story, simply because every woman has a ‘Beatrice’ inside of her.

Nevertheless, the book gives a ride of a roller-coaster of emotions in each turn of the page. This story is something that you should not miss. You’ll learn how life can never be a straight line. It is full of curves and twists that just bring more spice especially in love. I believe it is the charm of this romantic thriller novel Never Saw You Coming by KLS FuerteGrab your copy now. The book is available on Amazon!

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