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Old Paintings in A Younger Generation: How Do the Artworks from The Past Affect Today’s Generation?

Art has been part of everyone’s life, whether born in the olden time or the 21st century. The only difference is that people from different generation has their way of presenting their artistry. But the question is, how do the artworks from the past affect today’s generation?

Millennials and those who are part of the Gen Z have different tastes when it comes to art and painting. Because the younger generation has their preferences in terms of creativity, arts organizations of today, to a greater or lesser degree, must learn to cater to the sounds, the stories, the subject matter that they like. Museums, artists, and painters tend to adjust to what millennials want, and that is okay.

However, arts, especially those from the past, hold clues to life in the past. What’s impressive about old artworks is that by just looking at it, today’s youth can learn about the culture that produced it by its symbolism, colors, and materials. Looking at art from the past contributes to who we are now as people. It affects the way we think and perceives things. By looking at what has been done before, we gather knowledge and inspiration that contribute to how we speak, feel, and view the world around us. Art also encourages us to cherish intuition, uncertainty, and creativity and to search always for new ideas.

Sadly, some millennials do not appreciate some old paintings because it is not trendy, but, if the young people of today are given a chance to see how great and spectacular old paintings are, they will surely admire it.

Good thing, some books showcases unique paintings from as early as 1514. How cool would that be? Thanks to authors, like Carla Nicole De Petris, who authored the book Madonna of Divine Love by Rafaello. A rare painting that has been loved and studied by historians, artists, and painters, century after century.

In today’s generation, everyone is up to what’s new, what’s trendy, and what’s up to date stuff. It is so unlikely for people, especially the young ones, to get fascinated by old things, let alone an old painting. But isn’t it nice to be in a new generation, yet we get to explore the past? It will surely be beautiful to read and learn about a story that follows a painting’s history and its story.

By doing so, millennials will have a fresh perspective from an old painting, a new knowledge from an old story, and a unique taste for arts.

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