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On Ancient Treasures, Curse and Ghosts: Mikkee The Martian Book Four

Many take an interest in finding valuable items such as gold, precious stones, jewelry, and more throughout history. Exquisite treasures from different cultures around the world are yet to be discovered or found to be missing. Either or, professional treasure hunters enthusiastically join the quests on tracking down its location by excavating vast regions in the map—such glory for them to have the moment these treasures already land on their hands.

Some stories about hidden ancient treasures believe that some of them have a curse. It means no single person can touch and possess the treasure. If someone happens to acquire it, bad fortune awaits the person who holds on to it. Meanwhile, some gems are often guarded by spirits or ghosts, so having the treasure also lets them follow its new owner or the new place it is kept like museums. Does it matter when it remains a mystery up to now?

Most likely, these foretold incidents became the inspiration and reference of some fiction writers on their published stories. Not impossible to be converted in subtleness to suit a children's fiction book series such as (The Martian), Billy, and Jilly learn something about ancient history from an educational trip. Meanwhile, the ghost of the king roams around the castle. Mikkee used his powers so the twins can also see the king. As they build trust, the king shows a secret room upstairs and reveals the treasures hidden there.

In relevance to real ancient treasures, ghosts are also known as being protective of these treasures. The amusing part of writing it on a children's fiction is that it serves as an eye-opener to satisfy a curious mind and expands knowledge of its history. This makes the book more exciting and brain-teasing. Check out more of Peter Locke's Book series on Mikkee The Martian on this

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