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On Facing Death: The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr

Do we die every day?

According to Shakespeare, sleep is the Death of each day’s life. Poetic as it sounds, but can’t we consider this matter for a minute?

At the very beginning of our birth, people before and after us have always had overwhelming fear regarding Death. For some reason, people are afraid that their loved ones might die earlier and be left alone, grieving, and disturbing. While some are just fearing, they will die soon without even living their lives to the fullest, but most people are just afraid of the process of Death. But isn’t is fascinating, that the Death which we always fear, has always been with us ever since?

Thinking this question in depth can bring fascinating wonders about our sleep. If science can justify that we die in our sleep, how terrific would it be to fear something we experience daily? In Carl Anderson’s book titled, The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr, he inserted in his book about the story of Death and why we should avoid viewing it from a heavy perspective.

“Death is seen as a step towards yet another adventure unknown in nature. I think we don’t need to be that much religious not to close the door for Death to be a surprise for us. Why should we be so negative? Why not live a rich and good life and not to be bitter about Death?” stated by Carl.

These recent events of massive Death due to COVID-19; we were saddened by the loss and famished around the world. At times, it brings us closer to the fear of facing death in a way we are unprepared. Reading a book that will tackle the hidden mystery and delight about Death can be of great help in these trying times. Indeed, worries and pity won’t change the chaos around the world. Slightly, it affects people around you negatively. Instead of spending so much time on social media, it’s time to grab a book that will offer wisdom and positivity.

Going back to our previous question: do we die every day?

Thoughts about this were already medically debunked. Doctors proved that Death equates brain death in which every part of the body is unresponsive; meanwhile, sleep does not mean losing brain and body functions; rather, it is just a moment of rest which everyone needs. Nevertheless, fears about facing Death is undoubtedly understandable; however, fearing, it won’t separate us from it. We should keep in mind that the day we gain life is also the same day we lose it.

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