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On God's Love and Trials in Emmazina Day's Dear Jesus

How do we teach God's love to children? Some prefer to show it through poems, some directly through the bible, and some by explaining it to children. The most preferred way, however, is through parables and short stories that tell of God's love and trials to His children as we go on through this life that he gave us. Emmazina Day's book Dear Jesus begs to differ on children's literature and brings enlightenment and understanding to the table.

Released in 2008 and composed of 28 pages, Dear Jesus is a compilation of short stories about God's love and how He shows his providence through our lives. One story follows a child's perspective about divorce and how he has called on Jesus to help her cope with the situation. The child's fervent prayers are then heard, and she finally gets her happy ending. There are so many children who go through situations like that and have a hard time processing things, eventually becoming angry in their lives as they bottle up their feelings. That story is a refreshing reminder that God listens and that He is always at our side through the trials and tribulations of life. The book is short but offers enlightenment and understanding to children as it takes a different turn in children's literature.

Filled with beautiful illustrations, it not only talks about the positive side of faith but also shows the readers what true faith looks like through the children's eyes. The intense experiences are common in life, and Emmazina Day expresses these experiences through a children's perspective. Children are more likely to be more faithful in situations they have no control over. The author's narrative is easy to read in the eyes and easily understandable for children, even those under the age of 9.

There are enjoyable stories to watch out for, but the book's main point is to show how God works through the lives of those who remain faithful even under great pressure. Day paints a beautiful picture of how life looks like under God's unconditional providence and how He rewards those who are fervent in prayer. Adults may also find enlightenment through children's stories as they travel back in time to their childhoods, where they may have the same experience and look at it, knowing that God has never given up on them no matter how hard the situation seems to be. Moreover, it reminds both children and adults that faithfulness is not just shown in a one-time prayer but a lifetime of experiences.

The book is filled with joy, darkness, enlightenment, and, of course, brings a different look at life with God in it. Perhaps, its uniqueness can draw the readers to having the conclusion that God works in mysterious ways and that His unconditional love is always there. We only need to search for Him even during hard times. Finally, Dear Jesus can be a wonderful read for children knowing that they may encounter certain situations in life that they will have a hard time with and know that Jesus can be their refuge and strength.

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