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On Love and Affairs: The Painful Journey of Love by Thuso Kewana

They say that once you experience love, you can never go back to feeling empty once more. Love gives us a sense of belongingness, want, and desire to become one with another person. It is a source of happiness for many, and one can say that the world cannot revolve without it. For lovers, the concept of love is much deeper and pertains to the relationship built on trust and communication. However, as if temptations know the heart’s desire, affairs can happen, breaking the relationship and the family in the process. So how does this happen? This new novel by Thuso Kewana will take you on a journey about love and affair.

If you have ever wondered why a person does not love you back or someone is more interested in material things than true love, then Thuso Kewana’s The Painful Journey of Love is the book for you. The book answers the most sensitive questions about marriage in a fictional way. It discusses cheating, abuse, and of course, love. While the characters are drawn from imagination, Thuso touches down on the journey of a painful love affair between a husband and wife. This book highlights the issues through a meaningful story and depicts what it is like for couples to go through such an unfortunate decision. It will drive the reader’s emotions high and give them a peek at what happens during such an ordeal, and pictures the lives of those affected by the affair. It will fill one with a sense of compassion and stir up anger for people who choose such an evil path. In every chapter, Thuso unveils more of the character’s personality which every reader can find relatable or one that they can sympathize with. A story that is truly like no other.

The author, Thuso Kewana was born in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. He currently lives in Polokwane with his family. Raised by a single mother with six other siblings, he is the only one in the family to successfully obtain a degree in science. Brought up in a strict Christian home, he is close to the teachings of God and knows it by heart. He is an ordained Pastor at heart-to-heart ministry, and he has also established and worked for several non-governmental organizations. Being a family man, the author himself is involved in addressing issues about men in the family and their roles as the head of the family.

In this book, the author goes into great detail about love and affairs and establishes an understanding as to how such a thing could happen even in an almost perfect marriage. The Christian novelette is written under the inspiration of the holy spirit; thus, the book is not just a novel about two people, and it is also about how God works through married people’s lives and gives importance to the foundation of love, which is God.

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