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On Magical Friendships: Maggie Taylor-Saville's Wonderful Storybook

"Because you are all different, speak different languages yet you are all friends."

- Magic Friendship Fairy

Friendships can come in any way, shape or form. Kids know this to be true as they make friends inside and outside of school without seeing colors or having prejudice over people they meet. These are crucial in their development as it teaches them to become socially inclined, allowing them to forge relationships with different people outside of their houses. Thus, it is important to show a child what friendships look like. Author Maggie Taylor-Saville showcases this through her wonderful storybook for children.

The Magic Friendship Fairy (2021) is a story of 5 little china ornaments. All in different shapes and sizes and how they came to be in Nanna's Pa's beautiful house. Nanna loved them all, so she gave them names that fit them. Ones that are like their shape, cute, and adorable. One night, however, a Magic Friendship Fairy came sliding down a moonbeam, which brought her to the little ornaments and gave them life. The ornaments could hardly believe what was happening, but the swiftness of it all brought a little confusion as they didn't speak each other's languages. However, Magic Friendship Fairy comes to the rescue to help them find common ground.

Hailing from Australia, Maggie Taylor-Saville is a mature-aged author who has been writing for years. She has written books such as Circle of the Moon, Mystical Magic, Eucalypt Tree, and Spirit of Love, all about love and real life. Inspired by a "ducky" story that she told to her grandchildren, an idea was formed, and the story of the magic friendship fairy was born. The book's theme is simple and intends to promote two things: acceptance and friendship to all. The 15-page book's narrative is as amazing as the illustrations inside it, and readers will be astounded at the unique plot that Taylor-Saville has cooked up for her young readers.

In this new age where children are always staying at home, it is important to hone their social skills as well as increase their learnings of the world. The Magic Friendship Fairy book is a good start for parents who are introducing their children to friends or teaching them to establish relationships with other kids. The simple story will teach them that their uniqueness does not hinder them from loving others. It teaches them that other people's opinions shouldn't matter because kindness matters more than their differences with each other.

While there are many storybooks available for children, Taylor-Saville's unique take on magical friendships finding common ground to build a relationship is a great example of teaching children in-depth topics and not just scratching at the surface. The book brings great nostalgia to the days when we only cared about playing outside despite the humid weather. Children and parents alike will find much joy in reading this book and create a bond that will last a lifetime.

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